Reasons Why You Should Choose Outdoor Home Theater Over Indoors


why choose outdoor theaterOne of the many ways to improve the value of your home is by adding in your very own cinema room in the picture. Although it’s not the simplest set up you’ll experience, it is always worth it. Not only will you be able to experience it with your family (as well as extended relatives), you can also have your friends over.

Homeowners are often faced with the question on whether or not they should go for an outdoor theater or an indoor one? Both types of home theater actually have their strengths and weaknesses. For this article, however, we will look into the reasons why an outdoor home theater should be chosen over indoor ones.

6 Reasons

Portable Screens

In terms of the equipment aspect, one of the advantages in having an outdoor cinema is the fact that you’ll have to get a portable screen. Portable screens are specially made for outdoor purposes; thus, they are much more durable. Also, portable screens mean you can bring them anywhere you like. It’s much easier to transport them since usually they’re inflatable (check out Outdoor Movie Hq for this). 

More Space

Outdoor home theaters usually have more space to offer compared to indoor (room) home theaters; without the walls and confinements, outdoor theaters allow you to experience more freedom. You can freely move around without feeling a bit too confined in the place.

Since there is more space, more people can be accommodated as well and you won’t be cramped up like sardines forced inside a small jar. More seats and other equipment can fit perfectly within the place.

Fresh Air

Who doesn’t love fresh air? Especially at night when lesser cars go around the neighborhood, an outdoor theater offers a much fresher experience than an indoor theater. Although rain is your enemy, being able to witness the sunset during the late afternoon or the stars above you at night is something you should not miss.

More Romantic

Watching movies about love with your loved one becomes much more romantic when it’s done outdoor. Even the mere idea of watching a romantic movie under the stars with the person you love already makes us all feel giddy.

ideas for outdoor theater

Fit for Horror

Nothing makes a scary movie scarier than watching it out in the open. The idea of being outdoors while watching horror movies just adds more fun and thrill into the mix. Who knows what can creep out from the forest near your backyard, behind your movie screen, or behind the seats?

Bottom Line

So, if you and your family are planning to get a home theater started; think about doing an outdoor one. It’s much more unique and it offers an adventurous experience. If you think you’re leaning towards the outdoors than otherwise, don’t hesitate to push through with your vision. You can never go wrong with outdoor theaters.

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